So happy you dropped by!!

I'm Vanessa (Ness!) the eternal optimist. 

I'm drawn to joy, love and laughter!  People call me fitNess, messyNess, busyNess, forgetfulNess, but mostly I'm happyNess!!

Photography is my absolute passion (or obsession as my husband would call it!) and I love to seek out those natural spontaneous moments that might otherwise slip by unnoticed!  

I love my husband, my tribe of 3 (Team Brown) , Rom Coms, summer, the beach, exercising, food (I live to eat) a good book, day trips, playing tourist and travelling!!

I want to capture you and your children exactly as you are,  your real moments of connection, love and fun!!  I want to give you photos to cherish forever and look at whenever you want!

Having my own three gorgeous children has given me the best experience to photograph kids and families, and they keep me very, very busy so I'm available to take photos on a very limited schedule!!  I only take a very small number of bookings every month.

If you want to chat about what your session might look like, contact me, I'd love to hear from you!

Ness Xx

HUGE THANKYOU to........

My designer Rachelle Blake; for the brilliant logo that I love so much!! and thousands of other bits and bobs along the way!! Ra you exceeded all my wildest expectations!!

Angie Chia from for snapping me in front of the lens and providing so many shots for my profile picture, that I ended up making a collage!! An extra special thank you for being such an amazingly generous mentor and absolutely beautiful friend!!

Melanie Leighton from who is not only an incredibly talented photographer but who finds dabbling in website design super easy and enjoyable!!!